Life Cycle Solutions for Mission Critical Infrastructure

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Evolve Mission Critical Facility Solutions

Instead of having to contract with scores of entities from architects, engineering firms, electricians, HVAC contractors, general construction and more, Evolve can be your single point of contact to manage the entire process. Evolve can work with your preferred partners to ensure a seamless experience so that your projects are completed on time and on budget.



Evolve Energy has a product portfolio of turboexpander-generators developed by Sapphire Technologies for pressure letdown applications. Evolve Energy has partnered with Sapphire Technologies to develop a process control system capable of paralleling multiple turboexpander generators and producing clean energy without interrupting operations from natural gas pipeline networks.


Evolve Evolution Series

Evolve is proud to have a patent for our Evolution Series of Generators. The Evolve Evolution Series Generator is the world’s first scalable and redundant emergency power generator solution. As your facility grows, so does your power generation need. With the Evolution Series, Evolve can provide you a scalable power generation solution that grows when you do.


Evolve Demand Response

ERCOT procures Emergency Response Service (ERS) by selecting qualified loads and generators (including aggregations of loads and generators) to make themselves available for deployment in an electric grid emergency. ERS is a valuable emergency service designed to decrease the likelihood of the need for firm Load shedding (a/k/a rolling blackouts). Customers meeting ERS criteria may offer to provide the service through their qualified scheduling entities (QSE).


Evolve Power Generation Maintenance and Services

When it comes mission critical uptime requirements of your mission critical facilities, uninterrupted power is critical to your operations. Our clients are assured by the reliability of our Generator Maintenance and Service Team.

Evolve Maintenance and Service delivers for all of your back up power. Evolve’s Power Generation solutions address the needs of data centers, hospitals, chemical plants, fire pumps, nursing homes, high rises, and a wide range of other clients for standby, continuous, and prime power.


Evolve Preventative Maintenance

Evolve Preventative Maintenance is a single service solution maintenance and service provider for mission critical facilities in the USA, Canada, and UK. We offer a unique “one-stop” solution for 24/7/365 preventive maintenance and service. Tired of coordinating multiple contracts and PM visits? Let us handle it.


Elert™ Monitoring Platform

Choose a product based on proven integration with mission critical equipment and system manufacturers throughout your facilities. Choose to monitor and source faults at their origin.

Choose Elert to provide peace of mind, with 24/7/365 monitoring of your critical infrastructure.