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At Evolve Energy, our mission is to provide safe and reliable solutions for natural gas pressure release stations by installing and maintaining state-of-the-art turboexpanders. We are committed to helping our clients increase efficiency, reduce emissions, and minimize downtime while prioritizing personnel safety and the environment. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and support to ensure the optimal performance of our turboexpander systems. We strive to be the preferred partner for natural gas pressure release stations through innovation, integrity, and excellence.


gas enters FIT


Kinetic energy is converted to rotational energy in the wheel


The wheel spins a PM generator, creating voltage in a stator


Current is transmitted from the stator to a variable speed drive (VSD) via power cabling


Conditioned power is sent from the VSD to the load


Energy Optimization

Evolve Energy, a leading critical infrastructure and data center service company, has partnered with the firms to develop a turboexpander process control system capable of responding to the natural gas pipeline network's variable temperatures, pressures, and flow rates.

  1. Active magnetic bearings levitate rotor during operation
  1. No friction
  2. Low life cycle cost with 20-yr design life
  1. Expanded (cooled) gas exits wheel and flows-through generator section
  1. No additional cooling required
  1. Hermetically sealed, no-leak housing
  1. Flange-connected into pipeline
  2. No penetrations for lubrication or cooling

Building Tomorrow’s Solutions, Today.

Evolve’s GeneFit offers modular packaging to accomodate onsite configierations or limitations. Welding, intrumentaiton, and leak checking are all completed prior to installation to allow for a simple onsite installation process. The GeneFIt is Class 1, Div 2 compliant.

If you are interested in learning more about GeneFit and how it could be a solution for your next project, contact Evolve Energy today.