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Infrastructure Facilities Monitoring

Evolve offers eLERT(™) as the premier facilities infrastructure monitoring and maintenance solution to help our clients obtain efficient and reliable mission-critical facility visibility. eLERT(™) provides 24/7/365 monitoring for your mission critical facilities.

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Monitoring of Data Centers

Evolve can do what the industry's big players can’t, which is monitor disparate equipment regardless of the vendor. Elert™ is one of the first mission-critical monitoring platforms that is vendor agnostic. Evolve does not need to try to force you into a proprietary system that only communicates with our equipment. Instead, we provide you with a solution that can monitor everything from a variety of critical equipment, including utility input, electrical switchgear, generators, fuel management systems, UPS, PDUs, CRACs, building control, fire and security systems, environmental conditions, pumps, water detection, CCT and more.

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Optimizing Infrastructure

In business, there’s no time for downtime. To ensure your critical mission facilities keep running at peak performance, Evolve offers the all-seeing, all-knowing advantages of our proven Elert™ Advanced Monitoring System. With Elert™, you benefit from a single, concise platform for the critical monitoring and management of your data center infrastructure systems that increases visibility and eases management.